The authors

Yasmin Heinz / London
Having lived and worked as a make up artist in New York and Paris, I am based in London.  I love to be among those out there, the so-called outsider creative street artists known for breaking boundaries. 
It was amazing to meet all these visionary people during our new project.Transforming them into utopian artworks was the biggest challenge for me.“
Felix Lammers / Berlin
„As a portrait photographer I am always fascinated by catching the magic moment of a person. Throughout my international career, I’ve had the privilege of  collaborating with highly talented people. Whether it’s campaigns for advanced clients in the fashion and beauty industry or editorials for prestigious magazines, I love working in teams. 
Yasmin and I have a long lasting collaboration and together we have already created many impressive images.  
Our latest venture „Utopians“ takes the excitement to a whole new level.“